Google Drive Limitations

After almost a week of using Google Drive I have found a limitation that is a show stopper for me. If you add a file to you Google Drive folder that already exists online it doesn’t check to see if the file is the same as the one online it just re-uploads it, as you can imagine this can be rather irritating if you have 70GB, as I do, of data that is already on two systems that you would like to keep in sync.

Other limitations that are bothering me:

  • It doesn’t tell you what file/folder it is currently syncing.
  • If it errors out it doesn’t give you much info, so if it hung on uploading a file you have to enable debugging and dig through the log file to track it down.
  • Memory usage is way to high, for me average running usage is around 300MB and I’ve see it get up to 1GB.

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