Droping Google Drive

Today I stopped using Google Drive as a large cloud storage service. I’ve deleted everything but my Google Docs and started using my DropBox account for day-to-day cloud syncing, for backup I’m using Cloudberry S3 backup desktop to backup to Amazon.com’s Glacier.

At $0.01 per-gigabyte Amazon Glacier is hard to beat, but there are some hidden fees if you plan on restoring all the data at one time. You can use the Unofficial Amazon Glacier Cost-Estimator Calculator to get an idea of what it will cost you.

Gerber Knifes

For about a year or two I’ve owned a Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn that I have found to be a very nice knife for under $100. It holds a good edge, its light, and it’s not to small nor to big.

About a month ago I was messing with it to see if I could adjust the location of the belt clip and somehow stripped out the belt clip screws. I talked with Gerber and they sent me a set of new screws and through-in a new belt clip as well. I tried putting the new screws in and came to the realization that the screw holes were stripped out as well, so I contacted Gerber again and they told me to send the knife in.

Well today, about a week and a half after I sent the knife in, I received a package from them and in it was a brand new knife.

Thank you Gerber!