Gerber Knifes

For about a year or two I’ve owned a Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn that I have found to be a very nice knife for under $100. It holds a good edge, its light, and it’s not to small nor to big.

About a month ago I was messing with it to see if I could adjust the location of the belt clip and somehow stripped out the belt clip screws. I talked with Gerber and they sent me a set of new screws and through-in a new belt clip as well. I tried putting the new screws in and came to the realization that the screw holes were stripped out as well, so I contacted Gerber again and they told me to send the knife in.

Well today, about a week and a half after I sent the knife in, I received a package from them and in it was a brand new knife.

Thank you Gerber!

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