What Came First the Chicken or the Egg?

I was thinking today about the common question, what came first the chicken or the egg? Now this is a question that many people have heard and many have jokingly argued about so in this post I will show you my answer to what came first the chicken or the egg?

First off I don’t think the question is as simple as one or the other came first I think it is going to depend on your beliefs. You have to ask your self one question before you can start to analyze what the answer to this basic yet profound question could be. That question is do you subscribe to Darwinism or to creationism? If the answer is creationism then the answer in my mind would be one of two answers the first one being the chicken for God created the chicken and the chicken lays the eggs. The second possible answer would be both for God created everything.

A Darwinist could say that the egg came first. A bird very similar to the chicken but not evolved to be what we know now as a chicken laid an egg. In the possess of that egg embryo forming into a baby version of what ever bird laid it there was a mutation of some kind. The mutation changed the embryo enough that it grow into what we know now as being a chicken, therefore the egg came first, right? Well maybe not by using the above argument you could stat that the chicken came first for the egg was the egg of a deferent bird so therefore was not the egg that the question refers to. My argument ageist this is that once that mutation took form the egg became the egg of a chicken, not laid by a chicken but the protective home for the new chicken embryo, letting it grow and thus became a chicken egg.

A deferent view could be that the question refers to the first egg ever to come into existence if you look at it by this point of view then you would have to analyze life from the beginning and that again would depend on if you are for Darwinism or for creationism. Sens the creationism answer is relatively simple and is the same as the above stated answers I will look at it from the Darwinist’s point of view. If the question refers to the first egg ever to show up in life then sens chickens have been around a relatively short period of time compared to life and the chicken was not the first animal to lay an egg then the answer would have to be the egg came first.

Now the last point of view that I will cover is the egg and the chicken came to be at the same time. Now how can that happen? The idea is that as soon as the embryo changed in the egg from growing into the deferent type of bird and instead growing into a chicken the egg changed from being an egg for the deferent kind of bird into being a chicken egg, not the egg of a chicken but a chicken egg for it was housing the evolution of the first chicken. Therefore the egg and the chicken came into existence at the same time.